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*George RR Martin watches Game Of Thrones*
This is not my design.

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Hannibal 2.12 - Tome-Wan

During a therapy session, Will shares a vision of how he would kill Hannibal; feeling impatient, Jack brings in a surprise witness to help Will catch Hannibal."

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I trust no one. You shouldn’t either.

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Rape culture - Game of thrones

I’m sick of reading all kinds of excuses about the rape scene of GOT (Jaime and Cersei). I’m really sick of it.

Even one friend from Chile told me that the people who think that this scene contains rape don’t understand anything because she has read the books and this scene is full of interpretations, WTF??? There are no interpretations, it’s rape for God’s sake!
In the books there is no rape, it’s consensual sex. It’s very clear

She told me that on the facebook from Latin America of GOT there aren’t negative comments about that scene and it’s because the fans of Latin American of GOT are real fans of the saga (books and show). WTF again….(the very people who think Sookie is a slut and she deserves to be murdered by Bill)


I’m sick of the rape culture. In the last episode they gave a wrong teaching “when a woman says NO she is really saying YES”. I don’t understand how some people are cool with that

Sorry but I’m very pissed off


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Margot Verger in episode 209, Shiizakana.


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"One of the best parts of my line of work is getting to tell babes like Alexander Skarsgard what to do."

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BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) #Skarsgard #Fortune Gym #M Magazine #pups

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hermione + spell

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I always ship Rinn

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"Driving across town to get a cake at Porto’s during rush hour: 60 Minutes.

Setting up and gathering most of the crew in The Commissary for the event: 30 Minutes.

Getting an actor out of rehearsal and behind a kitchen to hand him the cake for the big-reveal: 15 Minutes.

Surprising The most awesome/fashionable Art Director in the business with a surprise going away party and a cake delivered by “The Love of Her Life” (Other than her husband, duh) Mr. Alexander Skarsgård “Eric” himself on her last day: PRICELESS!

Love you Cat Smith, True Blood won’t ever be the same without you/your shoes.

#True Blood #True Blood Forever #Team Eric #Alexander Skarsgard #Sad Day #Wheres Jason? #Art Dept.”

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*Uploaded 04/22/14

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This man is living the dream.

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it might seem crazy, what i’m about to say

sunshine she’s here, you can take a break

i’m a hot air balloon that could go to space

with the air, like i don’t care baby by the way

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