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The fact that Colin O’Donoghue ships Hook and Emma SO hard is honestly the cutest fucking thing ever. 

I mean can you just look at this gif please? Is your OTP shipped THIS hard by one of the people actually IN it?


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Cheer up bb! I hate sundays too

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True Blood Cast - SDCC 2014

EW Portraits

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Me and Alexander Skarsgard from True Blood, top guy.”

-Reevesy__ twitter

*uploaded July 27, 2014

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Anonymous said: According to Hitfix there are 80s flashbacks of Eric in there. So that woulf explain the missing vains? What do you think: Flashback or not?


Hi Anon,

I don’t think it’s a flashback. They already did the 80’s f/b in a previous episode, and this scene has what looks like the Yakuza. I’m guessing they’re all looking for Sarah, since it seems Eric and Pam team up with them. Not sure what the clothes are about other than to get him out of the cowboy gear, but I’ll guess we’ll find out soon.

Take care!

You’re right, it’s not a flashback. It’s a scene from the present time but with 80’s style clothes. There are two scenes in which Eric wears these clothes. In one of them he has the veins from hep-V but in the other one hasn’t

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And we finally learn where the Paramour estate that skarsgardfans reported about in this post is used. It looks as Violet lives here and that Jason comes looking for her, or probably more likely, Adilyn. The still is from skarsgardfans post. 

She must take Jason prisoner. I am hoping that Eric flies off to rescue Jason. Eric would know where Jason is located because of the blood tie.

She is, and probably has Adilyn too. And it looks like they are kept in this same place.

I thought the same thing when I watched these scenes. I remembered that exotic mansion that we saw in the filming pics, btw is this house owned by Violet or something like that? because I think she has Adilyn there

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These people are my family and if you hurt them in any way, I will kill you
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It looks as if Eric returns Sarah to where it all began, Light of the Day institute’s leadership camp. 

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